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Welcome to Roseraie Biotech


2016 New rules of viewing donated videos -

We found some donors liked/shared unlisted donated videos in the past. We have to change all unlisted videos to become private videos. For viewing YouTube private videos, you need to have an email with Google+ and YouTube access, preferred a Gmail. if you do not have one, visit to get a Gmail account.

For new customers, just create customer acccount with Gmail.

For existing customers, change your email to Gmail in customer file and send your Gmail to us. 

For viewing donated videos, you must use correct email address which you use for YouTube signning in.

If you can not view donated videos ordered before Jan 18, 2016,  send us an email to with copy of your orders, or  forward your order confirmation to above email address. We will open donated videos for you within 1-2 weeks.


Jan 25, 2016


The website is for aroma education and nutrition medicine research.

For pricing and placing order, log into your account.

If you do not have an account, apply online. After approval, you can see pricing.

We do not provide massage services.

* Videos will be sent 24-72 hours after completion if there is no technical or other unforseen problems.

All donations for videos are non-refundable except for double donations. Full refund will be issued on double donations for videos with a processing fee to be applied on each order.

Starting from Aug 23, 2016, there will be CAD$0.50 charge per donation order on refund until further notice for either single item or multiple items.

To avoid double ordering, please make sure you clear previous ordering data when making new orders.

All videos are for adults only unless specified. The videos are not sex or porn videos. There are some "clothing-optional" and senstitive area contact because of research needs.

Video can only be viewed and cannot be downloaded from YouTube link. 

*** For donation on videos, address must be outside of some countries/areas including mainland China. Also you need a Gmail address with access to YouTube private videos.







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