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Welcome to Roseraie Biotech


Welcome to Roseraie Biotech site!



Video Link Change Notice


Due to recent YouTube problems, we will upload the videos to Dropbox.

For all future video orders, please send your Dropbox email. This is especially for downloadable videos and PMM non-downloadable videos.

We will send you new links after receiving your Gmail (YouTube videos) and Dropbox (Dropbox Videos and pictures). If you have any missing videos, contact and we will send you new links within 5-10 days.

Roseraie Biotech Feb 24, 2018



Refund Notes: For all refunds including double ordering by any reasons, a service charge of 5% is applied with minimum charge CAD$0.50. Upgrade Special

AMLD/AMLP Members only - All donations on videos from 2013 can be upgraded to Downloadable videos.

The special is for people who ordered videos from website only.

Therefore, if you donated in the videos before and you wish to watch them and download them again, you do not need to donate with full price. Just go to Downloadable Upgrade Link and donate at about 30% cost of regular price.

Ordering procedure:

1. Go to available Downloadable Upgrade items such as:

2. Place order.

3. Add your old donation number and FaceBook account name in you order.


Launching of selected F4V video downloads from Sep 2017

================================================ will offer downloads of selected videos for donors.

Downloadable videos will be chosen from 0001 to 2999, 4000 to 4999, 7000 to 7999 and NMMT/NMMUL videos.

Videos 3000-3999, 6000 - 6999 and 8000 - 8999 will not be downloadable.

Downloadable videos will be available starting Sep 2017 or earlier.

Each video has at least 300MB and may go up to 30GB depending on resolution, format and length.

For downloading and viewing downloadable videos, you need to have enough hard drive space or other memory space.

You also need to have a F4V viewer or a F4V-to-MP4 converter.

For donating on downloadable video items, visit  "Downloadable" under each category.

Downloadable videos will not have YouTube links.


Upgrade from YouTube Link to Video Downloads

If you donated on Youtube-link videos without downloads, and wish to change to videos with downloads, visit "Downloadable Upgrade" under each category.

When ordering downloadable upgrade, make sure to attach order number of the video(s) that you ordered previously.




July 10, 2017


July 2016

Rules of viewing donated YouTube-link videos:

All videos are part of experimental data of NMRCC and are in YouTube private links format.

We do not provide downloads for these YouTube-link data.

Viewing period is 365 days from receiving video links.


We do not provide massage service. The website is for aroma education and nutrition medicine research.

* Videos will be sent 5-10 days after completion if there is no technical or other unforseen problems.

All donations for videos are non-refundable except for double donations. All videos are for adults only unless specified. The videos are not for sex or porn videos. There are some "clothing-optional" and senstitive area contact because of research needs. 

All videos are for adults only unless specified.

They are not sexy or porn videos.

Please make sure you clear previous ordering data when making new orders.
基於資訊安全考量, roseraie.ca網站不接受中國地址和中國的網址. 請提供完整和正確的中國以外地址. 如果沒有上述資訊, 我們將會退還捐款.
Due to internet security concern, does not accept orders from China nor emails from China. Refund will be issued if donors can not provide address and email address outside of China.


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