NMMT201 80 hours course

NMMT201 80 hours course

NMMT 201 - Nutrition Medicine Massage Therapist - 80 hours Course 2017/18

Theory/Study 30 hours; Workshop 50 hours

Adult only. Clothing Optional (Partial or full clothing-off on single student or partners)

Donation value:

1 to 1 - CAD$8,000 (An aroma massage assistant is required)

2 persons - CAD$5,000 per person (An aroma massage assistant is required)

3 or more persons – CAD$4,000 per person. (Aroma massage assistants are required)


Introduction of classes (may vary)

1. 10 Groups of Nutrition and Nutrition Medicine

2. AMMT & NMMT Nutrition Medicine Massage Therapy

3. The 8th Nutrition, Essential Oil Intro. Physics and Chemistry

4. Essential Oils, Carrier Oils, Usage, Formulation

5. Essential Oils for Skin, Hair & Organs

6. Han Aroma Medicine & Accupressure

7. Health Physics Theory & Regeneration Theory

8. Bathing, Cleaning, Nourishing

9. Essential Oils for Anti Aging, Shaping, Firming, Fat Management

10. Using Essential Oils in Han Medical Science      

11. Lymph Detox Massage 1

12. Lymph Detox Massage 2

13. Anti Inflammation & Relief of Auto Immune Diseases

14. Eos for circulatory, cardiovascular and nuro disorders

15. Endocrines Disorders & Endocrine Enhancement Massage

16. Essential Oils for Anti Bacterial, Anti Fungal & Anti Viral

17. Skin Diseases

18. STDs and Treatments

19. Eczema, Psoriasis and treatment

20. Essential Oils for Tumor, before and after Cancer

21. Organs Disorders & Organ Enhancement Massage

22. HPT, Chi and Mind Healing Meditation

23. Stretch Meditation Acupressure

24. Yin Yang Mind Healing Meditation

25. Reproductive System Energizing

26. Natural Aroma Breast Care

27. Stress Relief Massage Theory

28. Endochrine System and Hormonal diseases

29. Essential oils for intake, AIR Salad Oils and Emulsification

30. Anti Aging Anti Wrinkle Whitening



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