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AMTHM Aroma Medicine Thai Massage

AMYMM Aroma Medicine Yoga Meditation Massage

AMSDM Aroma Medicine Stretch Detoxification Massage

NMATM, Nutrition Medicine Aroma Thai Massage for ATAC

An Anti Tumors Anti Cysts research of NMRC

NMRC - Nutrition Medicine Research Centre

Purpose 1: Anti Cancer Uterus Ovaries

Purpose 2: Preventing Auto Immune Diseases (including cysts)

Purpose 3: Stress Relieving, Insomnia Relief, Energizing, Pain Relief


Why cancer: Cancer is the abnormal reproduction of your own cells due to defect of genes caused by bad body electromagnetic fields.


Some main reasons that result in cancer related genetic problems:

  1. Stress and other mental problems that increase beta wave and reduce alpha wave.
  2. Infection from microbes such as virus, bacteria and fungi
  3. chemical toxins (especially synthetic) and natural toxins (cigarettes, radiations,…)
  4. Diet and lifestyle (exercises, sleep, …) that cause bad body electromagnetic fields


Main reasons cause Auto Immune Diseases:

  1. Toxin-related hormones disorders
  2. Diet-related hormones disorders
  3. Stress and other mental problems



  1. Aroma product for anti microbes
  2. Aroma Meditation & Acupressure for enhancing lymphatic system and for the relief from stress and other mental problems through enhancing good body waves
  3. Phyto essential fatty acids for nourishing of GLA, ALA and good hormones needs
  4. Aroma cream and serum diluting and detoxifying
  5. Contacts on hidden areas where require good circulation of blood and lymph greatly enhances and normalizes immune function
  6. The massage process is only recommended for partners, couples and people who have full trust such that the patient can have highest chance to create happy hormones and best brain alpha wave and suppress beta wave.


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