3200 SEMA

3200 SEMA

3200 SEMA Self Energizing Meditation Acupressure

The research is for self meditation and massage simultaneously.

Purpose: To enhancce body functions, to rejuvenate, to defend from diseases, to reach happy mind (strong alpha wave)

Meditation methods are from Health Physics Theory and Chi (Qi) Gong by steady mind healing and dynamic slow exercises.

Acupressure methods are from Nei Jing, AMMT101 (Aroma Medicine Massage Therapy) and NMMT201 (Nutrution Medicine Massage Therapy).

Clothing-on or clothing-off depends on individual health needs, personal preference and environments (temperature, radiation, location, regulations...).

Partners are allowed while the massage methods and procedures are different between males and females.

Special note:

1) Do not follow the exact procedures if your body is not able to sustain the meditation and exercise.

2) Food with 10 GEN (10 Groups of Essential Nutrtion, which energizes and prolong body cells) should be taken in daily meals.




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3201AC SEMA Self Energizing Meditation Acupressure GA14AC Male Eagle Meditation
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