Rose is the “Queen of Flower”. 

Roseraie Biotech Inc., RBI, is a Canadian company who sells natural and organic health & beauty product.

RBI aims to provide the most premium natural skin care product without adding harmful chemicals.

Roseraie Biotech Inc. is a member of WAMO - World Aroma Mediicne Organization.


Roseraie Biotech Inc., RBI, is a Toronto based health & beauty product company. RBI concentrates its business in 3 parts -

1. Natural skin care & healing product research and development.

2. Aroma Medicine Massages training and services using natural pruducts.

3. Diseases preventing and symptom relief using essential oils.

While most of the clinical experiments are performed in Canada, RBI also conduct health researches in other countries so that RBI can provide better products for different part of the world.

It is also our goal to provide health related information to all the people in the world.


Your Health, We Care!

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