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MPM Multi Partners Meditation

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Jan 25, 2016


PEM - Partner Energizing Meditation, Jan 20, 2016

Chapter 1 - Introduction

PEM is the experiment of finding how to improve health with natural ways and is mainly for people who are over 40 years old.

Why called Meditation? Because during the experiments, participants need to "concentrate and relax" at the same time. This is the first thing to know about meditation - mind healing.


AMMT PEM Massage requires a great deal of concentration on top of hand and body force.

As to the procedures, partners can use most parts of the body to offer healing force. They include:

Fingers (Shiatsu, means finger/shi/指 & pressure/a/壓), Palms, Fists, Arms, Elbows, Feet Stepping, Knees Kneeling, Body Trunk

Lips/Tongue (Oral Stimulating), Eyes, Brain (with the positions of sitting, standing, lying, walking, running)


Some expected results -

1) For both males and females

Total Stress Relief

Night Time Energizing

Morning Energizing

Anti Anxiety

Anti Fatigue

Lymph Enhancement & Detoxification

Pain Relief from headache, muscle pain, joint pain etc.

2) For male sexual ability improvement

Orgasm - Erection with ejaculation for 20-60 minutes (< 120 minutes)

Frequency of PEM - 2-5 times per week or 8-20 times per month

(many, or most males over 40 start to have sexual dysfunction)

Note: Ejaculation - 2-10 times/month (once every 3-15 days)

3) For female arousal and sexual health (exercise of reproductive organs)

Orgasms for 30 to 120 minutes every 1-3 days


No's -

1) No overdosed alcohol

2) Avoid PEM during first 2-4 days female period

3) No PEM after big meal


Product -

Natural oil from plants, cream, lotion, serum, gel made with natural ingredients.

Essential oils (floral type, anti microbial, anti inflammatory, stress relief)


Period of Experiments -

First stage:- Feb-Jun 2015.

Second stage: Oct-Dec 2015.

Third stage: 

AMLA, Jan - June, 2016.

MPLMA, Oct 2015 - Dec 2016.


Dress code: clothes optional (0,1, both nude)

Preferred material - cotton 90% or more

number of participants - 2 or more.


June 16, 2015 -


Participants: volunteers, patients, staffs

Age: 20-70

Multiple partners in combination of various ages.

Note 1: The videos are not professional porn and participants are not professional models.

For viewing professional young models, do not donate in this website.

Note 2: The video is experimental and is not a porn movie. The participants may or may not show desire, pleasure, active or orgasm during the meditation and massage procedures and do not pretend to enjoy the procedures. The experiments are normally not very pleasant.

Note 3: Do not expect attractive bodies from participants  because they are not professional young models. Some of the testers may also be the patients.

Note 4: Mutual Massage does not occur in all videos because there are different parts with different videos in one experiment. Therefore, in some videos, there may only be Male to Female, or, Female to Male. others could be simultaneously mutual, or even multiple partners, such as 2to1.


For people who do not wish to see older persons without nice body, do not donate. Once you decide to donate, there will be no refund after you receive downloads for links/video files which happens immediately after the order is completed. Even if you do not like the video, you will not get replacement or refund. Rule is for people to follow. Promise is for people to keep. Pride people follows rules and keeps promise. Donations from reluctant donors are not welcomed.



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Jan 20, 2016 (Revised 2)


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